Aqunion’s farming and processing operations are located in the beautiful coastal towns of Gansbaai and Hermanus. Here, in a clean and natural rural environment away from the hustle and bustle of city centres, we grow our abalone as close to nature as possible.

Our animals are reared in specially built tanks nourished by a pump-ashore flow-through system – providing us with 24-hour access to fresh seawater in a highly controlled scientific environment. This environment is closely monitored by our dedicated production team.

In the hatcheries, abalone is reared from fertilised eggs in a highly intensive and fragile environment. This rearing and nursing process lasts for approximately six months before the abalone is transferred to a grow-out environment. Here they spend the next two to three years in tanks, growing to a market size of 70-250g. This is a more robust environment under the blue African sky. Due to the open-air environment, the abalone experiences sun and rain just as it would in nature, and feeds off the natural algae that grows within the system, along with the feed that we provide.

When the abalone is ready for sale, it is transported to our processing facility or, in the case of live export, it is packed at the respective packing facilities on our farms.