At Aqunion, we are inspired by and in awe of nature, making every possible effort to operate in harmony with the ocean and the area in which we farm. We comply with all relevant environmental legislation and go out of our way to improve on the way we farm, from the feed we give our animals and keeping them healthy to using renewable energy sources.

Our feed

  • Through abalone feed company in which we have a majority stake, Marifeed, we are able to be in complete control of the feed we give to our animals, which is all natural, completely traceable through the manufacturing process and produced from sustainable components.
  • Marifeed does not use any chemicals or unnatural substances in the production of their feed.
  • Monitored by our R&D specialists, we have been able to engineer feed that has the lowest impact possible on the environment.
  • You can take a look at the feed accreditation here.


We believe that healthy and happy animals ultimately taste better so that is why we are proud to belong to the South African Abalone Health Programme, which is one of the best of its kind in the world. Headed up by Dr Anna Mouton and managed by Amanzi Biosecurity, it means that all parts of the farming process are regularly monitored by a team of expert veterinarians who assess their health status and guide us to ensure our animals are in top condition. Electricity is a critical component of our business therefore Aqunion is investigating a number of alternative energy projects in an effort to minimise our impact on the environment. Aqunion will be installing a hydro-electric plant during 2016, which will generate electricity from the effluent water at the Gansbaai site, as it flows back to the sea.

A pilot project for the on-site generation of solar energy is planned for 2016.