Sustainably produced • No additives • No preservatives

At Aqunion, we have made it our mission to not only protect the richness of our natural environment, but more specifically, ensure the sustainability of South Africa’s abalone species, Haliotis midae.

This exclusive species of abalone only grows in the pristine and nutritionally-rich waters of South Africa where the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean meets the warm Indian Ocean.


In recognition of our sustainable production practices, our products have been awarded Global GAP sustainability accreditation, as well as green status by WWF Hong Kong and WWF’s South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative.

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Looking after our environment and our people.

Aqunion is a company that is self-aware of its impact on its immediate environment, including our neighbours and our community. Our responsible trading efforts extend to our footprint on the environment, as well as how we empower our people and stakeholders.


Quality, sustainable abalone that’s made by nature.

Aqunion is one of the world’s leading abalone businesses and a pioneer of the South African abalone industry. Through the coming together of a fisheries and aquaculture business, what started as a venture focused on wild-caught abalone in 1960, developed into a mission to not only protect the South African abalone species, but also pioneer ways to keep sharing its unique taste with the world – in the most sustainable ways possible.

The SP code has been associated with the best quality South African abalone products since 1966 and continues to be trusted by customers until today. This culture of excellence in terms of product quality has been extended to all the products that Aqunion produces today, including dried, frozen, vacuum-sealed pouches and live abalone products.