From our pristine waters to the final consumer, Aqunion offers only the very best quality abalone. Please get in touch with our Sales Manager to discuss your individual processing, packing and shipping requirements.


Offering quality and convenience, our canned abalone is renowned for its fresh flavour, creamy colour and succulent flesh. It is also the only canned abalone in the world that is 100% natural – free from additives and preservatives.

  • Produced from 50-250g live weight.
  • Standard 425/213g size cans.
  • Typically with whole abalone of 3-12 pieces.
  • 100% Natural flavour and goodness – no additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers are added.
  • Only salt & water added.


Harvested at just the right time, carefully packed, airfreighted and delivered in a perfectly healthy and live condition so you can enjoy fresh abalone every day.

  • Abalone is still alive.
  • Exported weight is 50-250g.
  • Specially packed and transported by air to its destination.
  • Arrives in absolute fresh condition, ready to be enjoyed.
  • Strict quality controls enforced by the South African NRCS.


The most convenient way to enjoy premium abalone. Sealed in a pouch, our whole abalone is perfect when served chilled, hot, or just straight out of the pouch.

  • Conveniently packaged.
  • Easily served – chilled, hot or straight from the pouch.
  • Pre-cooked for convenience.


The next best thing to fresh – quality frozen abalone from South Africa.

  • Produced from abalone of size 70-250g live weight.
  • Whole frozen and frozen meat products are available.


Aqunion processes and sells wild abalone for reputable wild abalone quota holders.  These wild abalone are harvested by hand by trained divers in strictly controlled harvesting seasons.

Aqunion also processes and sells wild, ranched abalone on behalf of its sister company, Diamond Coast Abalone. Located on the wild, undeveloped Northern Cape coast of South Africa, this company is one of the first and very few in South Africa that is piloting abalone ranching as a viable form of replenishing abalone stock in the ocean.

This involves seeding juvenile abalone onto the ocean floor in special locations. These abalone then live and grow wild, in the natural environment, until they are harvested by trained divers. From seeding until harvest there is no human interference or input. This results in a completely natural product, with a much sought-after grown-in-the-wild taste and appearance.


Made with an age-old recipe which locks in all the sea-fresh flavours, plumping up to a juicy abalone once cooked.

  • Produced from 150-250g live weight.
  • Naturally dried to our special recipe, loved by chefs in Asia to produce top class dishes.